One Beautiful World

For over a decade, One Beautiful World has offered educational and service programming for youth. Much of our educational programming took place in public libraries over the summer. We need to pivot this year.

So what will we be doing instead? Going online.

We considered younger children, who love to be creative and learn new things. We considered the needs of teens, many of whom have lost the ability to earn service hours over the summer. We decided to create a safe and fun online community. The One Beautiful World YouTube channel ( will be a place where youth can post their own videos (vetted by OBW). There they can learn, teach, and share.

We are welcoming videos from all youth in the following categories:

We are welcoming informational/learning videos in the following categories from teens and tweens interested in earning service hours:

We ask that the videos be recorded in landscape orientation, high definition, and of course, be general audience family friendly with respect to topic, visuals, and language. All of our videos are to be “made for kids” per COPPA. That means, among other things, that comments on YouTube will be disabled. Further, all videos submitted will be vetted by OBW volunteers, so the channel will be safe for viewing.

Historically, OBW has been limited to action in South Florida. This summer, we have no limitations! Youth from all over the world are welcome to participate. Please forward this announcement to any youth you believe may wish to participate. We would love to see videos from kids around the world teaching other kids about their lives and their home countries.

Tell your young videographers to get started. There is no limit on submissions. Makers of multiple video submissions will receive an OBW Video Production Team sticker. Send your videos to If your kids didn’t have anything to do today, they do now! We invite them to share with other youth in our safe online community.