One Beautiful World

Your Child Can Help Others Here are some things that you child can do for others, often with just a few clicks on the computer. Several are educational, too. Free Poverty Website This ingenious site allows people to play a geography game online, and, for each correct answer, FreePoverty will contribute 10 cups of water to people in need. Your children can learn while helping others. A win-win proposition. Free Rice At FreeRice, your child can check her skills in a variety of subjects by taking quizzes. For each correct answer, ten grains of rice will be donated to the UN Food Program to help end hunger. Play a free online (and addictive) word game, and each correct answer allows you to donate water, food, square feet of rainforest, or education for children. The Hunger Site The Greater Good Network allows your kids to do a good deed daily without spending a cent. Simply go to the “Click to Give” page for each of the eight affiliated charities, ranging from saving the rainforest to autism, and let your kids click on the buttons there. Each click results in a donation to the cause. Also, your child can choose from gifts that protect animals, provide resources to other children, or do a variety of other good deeds. The gifts vary, as do the prices, so your child should be able to find a gift that suits both interests and budget. Your children can save square feet of rainforest, help needy children obtain food and healthcare, and attain literacy, and give bowls of food to rescued animals. Join My Village Go to the Join My Village website Join My Village, and choose which village in Malawi you want to help. Join that village, then visit daily, taking quizzes or taking other actions. For everything you do, your village accrues money, thanks to a cooperative effort of CARE and General Mills. It’s fun, free, feels very personal, and helps women and children in need. Donate animals Heifer International Online Gift CatalogHeifer International, the organization made famous by Oprah Winfrey, allows people to esentially buy an animal or animals for needy families. Children can do chores, save a part of their allowance, or even sell lemonade, in order to make the $20 needed to buy a flock of chicks, ducks, or geese. Send Kids The World Your children can send a postcard to a child facing a life-threatening illness. Check the list for children with birthdays coming up. It only costs the price of a postcard and stamp to brighten a sick child’s day. Visit a Nursing Home One Beautiful World started its nursing home visits in association with The Holiday Project, a nationwide organization that sponsors monthly nursing home visits. See our local programs. If you are elsewhere in the United States, check for a local Holiday Project coordinator. ; Otherwise, contact a local residence and just ask to visit. Clean Up One Beautiful World holds monthly beach cleanups. See our local programs. While the fellowship, location, and the fact that materials are provided make it easy and fun to participate, anyone can clean up a local park, alone or with friends. Put some gloves on your children, give them some bags, and let them spot the things that don’t belong in nature. Some young veterans of our beach cleanup now insist on picking up garbage whenever they see it, making their parents proud (and more likely to remember the hand sanitizer). It doesn’t take much before children begin to take on good deeds themselves.One six year old participant in a recent beach cleanup has since, on his own, cleaned up local parks, and collected littered cans for curbside recycling. If you would like to recommend a good deed fit for kids, please contact us.